How to Relace a Baseball & Softball Glove

How to Relace a Baseball & Softball Glove

Below is a quick guide, with pictures, for relacing your glove using the tool from our glove lacing kits:

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Lacing Instructions

  1. Recommended: Take pictures of your glove for a reference of the correct lacing patterns before you begin!
  2. Check your glove & locate the lace needing repair
  3. While removing the old lace, be sure to remove small sections as you replace it with the new lace. This will minimize the chance of mistakes as you go. 
  4. (If using the Covey lacing tool): Push the lacing tool through the hole first, next thread the lace to the tool, & lastly pull the lace through the hole.
  5. Pull the lace tightly and move to the next hole.
  6. When completed, tie a knot at the end of the lace and cut off any extra lacing.
  7. (If using a different lacing tool, see the video below).

See below for some quick pics of how this works with the Covey Sports lacing needle.  For the other type of lacing needle, we have a video down below. 

Pic 1:  Push the tool through the hole

Pic 2: Thread the lace through the eye of the needle

Pic 3: Pull the lace through

Pic 4: Tie a Knot at the End of the Lace

Pic 5: Cut Off Excess Lace

Additional Tips

  1. Use a needle-nose pliers to more easily remove the old lace.
  2. Lubricating the leather can help to make the leather pull through the holes more easily.

"Traditional" Needle Types

If you are using a more "traditional" needle style, here is a great video that walks through lacing with this type of needle.

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