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Covey Sports Side by Side Baseball & Softball Scorebook (50 Games) $22.99
You Will Love This Style of Scoresheet! The Side-by-Side Format Will Make Your Life Easier! We get it. It's a pain going back and forth between pages. Hits, errors, walks...and then trying to track pitches on top of it! With our 50-game score keeping book, we have made your life more simple by getting everything on one 15x11 page. And we have been able to do it all while keeping more "white space" in each scorebox than most other scorebooks.Here are some of the high-quality features of each score keeping book: Pitching stats section for 4 pitchers per team per game Pitch-count tracker for 5 pitchers per team per game Batter stats section for each hitter for each game Up to 12 hitters in the batting order Up to 9 innings of scoring per sheet Team roster section on the inside cover Pitching stats section for 4 pitchers per team per game Scorekeeper instructional guide on the inside cover AND HERE ARE A FEW MORE REASONS YOU WILL LOVE THIS SCOREBOOK!! MADE IN THE USAOur scorebooks are proudly made in the USA! We love our country and we are proud of these convenient scorebooks. Each high-quality scorebook is made to make you a more successful scorekeeper this season!PITCH-COUNT TRACKER TO BETTER HELP YOUR COACHESPitch limits vary by league. And sometimes you just want to make sure that you don't have one pitcher throwing too much in a given week. With our updated pitch-count tracker we made one line for a starter to throw 99 pitches, and then room for four relief pitchers to throw up to 50 pitches. You will have no problem tracking pitches for each game with our convenient pitch-count tracker!50 GAMES: DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF MOST SCOREBOOKSOur 50-game scorebook gives you double the number of games in one book than most other scorebooks. Most books range from 20-30 games, while our convenient book will keep you going for 50 games!DURABLE PLASTIC COILSEach high-quality scorebook is bound with durable plastic coils, which are less likely to get crushed than other coil material. Combined with our chipboard backing this book is built to last!MORE "WHITE-SPACE" IN SCORE-BOXES THAN MOST SCOREBOOKSYes, we have packed a LOT on one page! Even so, we have been able to maintain the scoreboxes, leaving more "white-space" than most scorebooks on the market. This makes it easier for you to write what you need into each box. ADDITIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES ULTIMATE BASEBALL SOFTBALL SCOREKEEPING BOOK: Each Covey Sports side-by-side softball baseball scorebook sheet allows you to score both teams on the same page; The 50-Game book also has 2x more games than most other scorebooks STRONG DURABILITY: Each high-quality score book has a smooth cover, durable plastic coils, and chipboard backing; Whether you are a varsity coach or a fan in the stands, each scorebook is made to get you through a long stretch of games this season CONVENIENT DIMENSIONS: The 50-Game scorekeeper book is 15 x 11 inch dimensions, making it small enough to fit in your coaching bag, but large enough to fit both teams on one page; Many "traditional" scorebooks tend to be approximately 11 x 8 inches in comparison FUNCTIONAL SCORING SHEETS: Each game sheet includes a pitch count tracker for 5 pitchers per team & 9 innings of scoring; Interior cover includes instructions for receiving "printable scorecards" for extra-inning games; Sheets also have space for 12 players in the batting order, pitching stat sections, batting stats areas, and more writing "white-space" than most other scorebooks VERSATILE COACHING ACCESSORY: This scorekeeping book is a great option for baseball, fastpitch softball, or slowpitch softball coaches; Combine this with our popular large format lineup card packs to complete your coach accessories and equipment this season (cards sold separately)
Covey Sports Baseball & Softball Glove Lace for Mitts (2-Laces, Multiple Colors) $12.99
Relacing Your Glove Doesn't Need to Be Overly Stressful. In just a few steps, our lace kit can add years to the life of your glove. Most of our laces are "chrome-tanned." However, the Dark Tan & White colors are "alum-tanned." Both options are great, but have some differences: Chrome-tanned laces tend to be softer & more flexible. This makes them a little easier to work with right out of the package. Alum-tanned laces have a higher textile strength which makes them more firm & dense. These laces might need to be lubricated prior to use. Whether your lace is chrome or alum, our high-quality rawhide laces can make your glove as durable as the day you bought it!With each kit, you will receive the following items: Two Glove Repair Laces, 72" Length x 3/16" Width Per Lace Basic Instructions for Use with Each Pack HERE ARE A FEW MORE REASONS YOU WILL LOVE OUR GLOVE LACE!! TRUE USA RAWHIDEOur glove lacing kits are proudly made from USA rawhide! We love our country and we are proud of our high-quality glove lace!AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORSWhen our lace is in stock, you can choose from multiple colors. You can match the main color of your glove or do something fun by mixing different colors! While black & tan are the most common, we typically carry other colors as well!2 LACES PER PACKWith this version, you receive 2 laces per purchase. We also sell our lace with a lacing tool as a full lacing kit! Two lace straps will work great for repairs while four laces will relace most gloves entirely!WORKS FOR ALL BRANDS & MODELSOur high-quality Covey laces work for all gloves on the market. No matter what brand or model you are using, our lace will get the job done! ADDITIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES AUTHENTIC AMERICAN RAWHIDE LEATHER: All laces are American rawhide and made to last; Some laces are "chrome tanned," making them softer & more flexible; Some laces are "alum tanned," making them more firm & dense; Check the images to determine the type of tanning RELACE YOUR MITT WITH EASE: Each kit comes with the laces & instructions but does NOT include a stringing needle or tool; If you need a lacing tool we also sell a kit with the tool included, or you can purchase a tool separately GOOD FOR ANY GLOVE BRAND: This glove lace will work for all glove types and brands, whether you have a baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch glove; 3/16" lace works great for most infield, outfield, pitcher, and catcher gloves no matter the age of your mitt MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS: When in stock, our Covey Sports glove restringing lace comes in a variety of colors; Check the listing carefully to ensure you are purchasing your desired color; You can match the color of your glove or choose a different leather string color to make your baseball or softball mitts a little more bright and fun TWO LACES PER PACK: With each purchase you receive two leather glove laces; Two lace straps will work great for repairs while four laces will relace most gloves entirely
Covey Sports Oversized Baseball & Softball Scorebook (50 Games) $28.99
Effortlessness meets organization in our premium Covey Sports oversized baseball & softball scorebook. With 14x11 inch pages, experience the comfort of large sheets that provide ample space for all game details & larger print text when compared to our other scorebooks. This scorebook's larger format eliminates the strain of tracking scores, ensuring an unwavering focus on the game. Ideal for baseball games where clarity is as crucial as performance. Detailed tracking is what sets this scorebook apart. It hosts a comprehensive pitch count tracker, recording up to five pitchers per game. Each book encompasses 50 games, with 10 innings per game, catering to the unpredictability of both baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch softball. Your meticulous record-keeping will be a testament to your dedication to the sport. In the dynamic world of baseball and softball, every player's contribution is significant. Our scorebook is thoughtfully designed with space for up to 15 players in the batting order, ensuring that no player's efforts go unnoticed. With a side-by-side sheet format (when book is opened), managing both offensive and defensive plays has never been more fluid, reinforcing its status as an indispensable tool for both baseball & softball. AND HERE ARE A FEW MORE REASONS YOU WILL LOVE THIS SCOREBOOK! Made in the USA Meticulously constructed with the highest standards, this scorebook feels as reliable and resilient as the American spirit it embodies. Coaches and teams can trust in a product that's not just an ally on the field, but a nod to quality American manufacturing. Sturdy Plastic Coil Binding for Durability Experience unwavering quality with our oversized baseball & softball scorebook, meticulously crafted featuring resilient plastic coil binding. This robust construction ensures your scorebook remains intact, navigating through 50 games of frequent page turns and strategic planning. The sturdy design accommodates vigorous use by coaches and scorekeepers, reinforcing the longevity of your scorekeeping companion. Extended Scoring with 50-Game Capacity Delve into a prolonged season with our premium deluxe scorebook, consciously structured to last you through 50 exhilarating baseball or softball games. Each 14x11 inch page is a testament to our commitment to enduring quality, offering ample space for precision and ease. This scorebook is concomitant with extended gameplay, making it a steadfast resource for teams and leagues dedicated to the detailed chronicling of their journeys. Spacious Scoring Boxes for Enhanced Clarity This Covey Sports scorebook redefines your scoring visibility and comfort with generously sized scoring boxes in its expansive 14x11 inch layout. Larger printed text in comparison to our other scorebooks, and additional space per player ensure every run, hit, and pitch is recorded with crystal clarity. With the capacity to track up to 15 players and a dedicated pitch count tracker for 5 pitchers, this scorebook embodies meticulous record-keeping in an elegant, user-friendly form. Quick Bullets: -50-game scoring capacity -14x11" large format sheets -15-player lineup, 10 innings -Pitch count for 5 pitchers -Side-by-side sheet layout when book is opened
Covey Sports Baseball & Softball Lineup Cards Large Format (50 Pack) $14.99
Even the Smallest of Details Can Make a Difference. Our Large Format Line Up Cards Make Coaching a Little Bit Easier!As a baseball or softball coach, your hands are full. You are teaching fundamentals and strategy. You are making practice plans, team purchases, and game schedules. Sometimes your job is to encourage, and other times it's to discipline. Not to mention you have to work through playing time issues and more! We want you to be able to focus on coaching, not on the tiny details you shouldn't need to worry about.Our goal is to make your job a little bit easier, even if it is in a small detail like line-up cards. With our cards, making your batting order will be a little bit easier. No more squeezing names onto a tiny line. Our 8.5 x 5.5 inch dimensions will give you plenty of room to write, making filling out your lineup less frustrating this season.From Little League to College level teams, these essential coaching accessories provide what you need. With space for 20 players and 20 substitutions, you won't need to worry about running out of space.Regardless of whether you coach baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch, these lineup cards will get the job done right. Not only will you have plenty of space, but filling out your lineup will be a little easier this season.HERE ARE A FEW MORE REASONS YOU WILL LOVE THESE LINEUP CARDS!!MADE IN THE USAOur lineup cards are proudly made in the USA! We love our country and we are proud of this product. Each high-quality lineup card is made to make your job as a coach just a little bit easier!MORE ROOM TO WRITEOur large-format cards give coaches and umpires more room to write. No more squeezing your players names onto each line. Each cards is 8.5 x 5.5 inches (compared to 4 x 7 inches of many cards). And your umpire will thank you as well!PERFECT OPTION FOR PROGRAMS WITH MULTIPLE TEAMSOur "refill packs" come wrapped as opposed to in a booklet. If you have multiple teams in your program, this option allows you to give each coach the exact amount that they need for their season, saving you money and time in the long run!PLENTY OF CARBONLESS COPIESEach lineup card contains "4-part" sheets (3 carbonless "carbon" copies); 1 copy for yourself, 1 for the opposing coach, 1 for the umpire, and 1 for the scorekeeper. No need to worry about not having enough copies for each game. We have you covered! ADDITIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES 50 LINEUP CARDS PER PACK OR BOX: Our large-format line up cards for softball and baseball come as options with 50 cards inside a Covey Sports box, or as a refill pack (cards only); The boxed version provides a convenient writing surface for game-day, as well as a place to store your unused line-up cards 4-PART CARBONLESS COPY SHEETS: Each lineup card contains "4-part" sheets (3 carbonless "carbon" copies); 1 copy for yourself, 1 for the opposing coach, 1 for the umpire, and 1 for the scorekeeper doing your book LARGER FORMAT: Large "oversized" line up cards are 8.5 x 5.5 inches (compared to 4 x 7 inches of many cards); There is space on each card for up to 20 players and 20 substitutes, making it easy to write your hitters into the batting order VERSATILITY: These softball and baseball lineup cards are great For any baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch coach; Whether you coach little league, travel ball, high school or college, these cards will make your life a little bit easier EFFICIENCY WITH LARGER 50 GAME PACKS: Not only do our big cards give coaches and umpires more room to write, you also receive 2x more lineup cards than most other options; Makes for a great compliment to our side-by-side score keeping scorebook (sold separately)


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