Ski & Snowboard Boot Buckle Lever Bundled with Ski Boot Horn


Ski & Snowboard Boot Buckle Lever Bundled with Ski Boot Horn


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The Perfect Ski Boot Accessory Bundle to Make Skiing More Enjoyable!

This season you will be able to get your boots on, keep them tightened, & take them off with ease!

With each package, you receive the following items:

  • One Covey Sports Sports Ski & Snowboard buckletite buckle tightener & boot carrier tool.
  • One ski boot shoe horn

This might be the perfect boot equipment gear bundle for putting on, carrying, tightening and removing your boots!!

Our Ski Boot Levers Make Skiing More Enjoyable!

Our Ski Boot Buckle Lever makes latching (and unlatching) your boot buckles a breeze! If you hesitate while skiing because you can’t latch your buckles tight enough for precise turns, then you need this tool so you can easily crank down your buckles for maximum control on the snow and loosen your ski boots when your feet need a break.

But that's not all! Along with being a ski boot lever for your buckles, these also work as ski boot carriers as well as ice scrapers!

Simply slip the upper buckles through the convenient boot carriers loop & strap the buckles shut! And when you get to the chairlift, use the end of your lever to scrape the snow and ice off your boot soles. Each Covey Sports Ski & Snowboard buckletite boot lever is designed to fit any size or shape of the buckle on any ski boot, old or new. (NOTE: These do NOT fit Lange XT Series with Secure Profile buckles)

Putting On Your Boots Just Got Easier!

Tired of bending over and struggling to get your ski boots on? We know the feeling. This is why we included the Covey ski boot horn in this bundle! Perhaps a bad back makes it hard to put on your boots. Or maybe you are simply tired of the struggle to get them on & off.

The ski boot horn will allow you to more easily slip your feet into your liner.

Follow the simple instructions on our boot horn & put on your boots without the hassle!



Both products are made in the USA from high-quality plastic. The buckle lever is made of a super strong prolon & the boot horn is made with moldable DuraSlip technology. This is a USA-made bundle that is built to last!


The entire bundle weighs under 6 ounces in total. Each product is lightweight and easy to take with you to the slopes!

MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT This bundle makes a great gift (or Christmas stocking stuffer) for your ski enthusiast that needs some extra ski gear!

Additional Product Features

  • Ultimate Snow Ski Boot Accessories Bundle - With each package, you receive one buckletite (buckle tightener & boot holders tool) & one ski boot horn to make your entire skiing & snowboarding outing a success

  • Tighten, Carry & Scrape Your Boots - The convenient Covey Sports buckle tightener accessory solves three problems; First, it makes latching & unlatching your boot buckles easier; Second, it has a strap to work as ski boot holder carriers; Third, it can scrape ice off the bottom of your boots

  • Get Your Boots On Easily - The Covey Sports ski boot horn makes getting into your ski or snowboard boots & liners a cinch;

  • Instructions Included - Each boot horn comes with instructions printed on the tool for easily getting your feet into your boot liner

  • Entire Bundle Made In the USA - Both products are proudly made in the USA; This bundle also makes a great gift (or Christmas stocking stuffer) for your ski enthusiast that needs some extra ski gear; Both products are small & lightweight to easily take with to the slopes