Oversized Baseball & Softball Scorebook (50 Games)


Oversized Baseball & Softball Scorebook (50 Games)


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Effortlessness meets organization in our premium Covey Sports oversized baseball & softball scorebook. With 14x11 inch pages, experience the comfort of large sheets that provide ample space for all game details & larger print text when compared to our other scorebooks. This scorebook's larger format eliminates the strain of tracking scores, ensuring an unwavering focus on the game. Ideal for baseball games where clarity is as crucial as performance.

Detailed tracking is what sets this scorebook apart. It hosts a comprehensive pitch count tracker, recording up to five pitchers per game. Each book encompasses 50 games, with 10 innings per game, catering to the unpredictability of both baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch softball. Your meticulous record-keeping will be a testament to your dedication to the sport.

In the dynamic world of baseball and softball, every player's contribution is significant. Our scorebook is thoughtfully designed with space for up to 15 players in the batting order, ensuring that no player's efforts go unnoticed. With a side-by-side sheet format (when book is opened), managing both offensive and defensive plays has never been more fluid, reinforcing its status as an indispensable tool for both baseball & softball.


Made in the USA

Meticulously constructed with the highest standards, this scorebook feels as reliable and resilient as the American spirit it embodies. Coaches and teams can trust in a product that's not just an ally on the field, but a nod to quality American manufacturing.

Sturdy Plastic Coil Binding for Durability

Experience unwavering quality with our oversized baseball & softball scorebook, meticulously crafted featuring resilient plastic coil binding. This robust construction ensures your scorebook remains intact, navigating through 50 games of frequent page turns and strategic planning. The sturdy design accommodates vigorous use by coaches and scorekeepers, reinforcing the longevity of your scorekeeping companion.

Extended Scoring with 50-Game Capacity

Delve into a prolonged season with our premium deluxe scorebook, consciously structured to last you through 50 exhilarating baseball or softball games. Each 14x11 inch page is a testament to our commitment to enduring quality, offering ample space for precision and ease. This scorebook is concomitant with extended gameplay, making it a steadfast resource for teams and leagues dedicated to the detailed chronicling of their journeys.

Spacious Scoring Boxes for Enhanced Clarity

This Covey Sports scorebook redefines your scoring visibility and comfort with generously sized scoring boxes in its expansive 14x11 inch layout. Larger printed text in comparison to our other scorebooks, and additional space per player ensure every run, hit, and pitch is recorded with crystal clarity. With the capacity to track up to 15 players and a dedicated pitch count tracker for 5 pitchers, this scorebook embodies meticulous record-keeping in an elegant, user-friendly form.

Quick Bullets:

-50-game scoring capacity
-14x11" large format sheets
-15-player lineup, 10 innings
-Pitch count for 5 pitchers
-Side-by-side sheet layout when book is opened