Baseball & Softball Glove Breakin Kit - Mallet, Oil, Wrap, & Cloth


Baseball & Softball Glove Breakin Kit - Mallet, Oil, Wrap, & Cloth


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Breaking in Your Glove or Mitt Will Be a Breeze This Season!

This bundle has all of the essentials to break in and form your new glove. It will also be perfect for holding the shape of your glove. Each kit is carefully packaged with the following items:

  • One Covey Sports Glove Mallet
  • One Rawlings Glovolium Oil Conditioner Bottle (4 oz)
  • One Microfiber Cloth
  • Two Jumbo Rubber Band Wraps

Regardless of whether you are trying to break in a new glove, or simply restore an old glove, this kit has what you need. The combination of our mallet, glovolium, cloth, and band wrap is sure to help you get more life out of your baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch glove!

Each mallet and glove oil pack is proudly made in the USA! We love our country and we are proud of these convenient break-in kits. Each high-quality kit is bundled together to help you break-in your glove faster, and better, this season!



Rawlings Glovolium has long been one of the favorite products to soften and protect your glove. But we have taken it a step farther by including our microfiber towel to provide a more efficient application process. Each cloth is high-quality and machine washable. Just be sure to wash it by itself since it will be filled with glove oil after you are done!


Proper care is essential for maintaining the quality and shape of your glove. Maintaining a good shape to your glove will help maximize your ability to catch and field properly! The jumbo band wrap provides the perfect solution for this issue. Simply place a ball or the mallet-head in your glove pocket and wrap your glove with the bands!


This baseball and softball glove break-in kit has everything you need for breaking in your glove and then holding its shape all year. The mallet is one-piece, which means you don't need to worry about the head coming off after repeated use (unlike most other mallets). An entire team of players can use this glove shaper mallet given its durability!


  • COMPLETE BASEBALL & SOFTBALL BREAKING IN KIT : Each break-in kit consists of multiple leather glove accessories; Includes 1 Covey Sports glove mallett (11 inches long), 1 bottle of Glovolium glove conditioning oil, 1 microfiber cloth, and 1 glove band wrap for holding the gloves shape all season
  • DURABLE ONE-PIECE MALLETS : Each mallet (also called a pounder, masher, or hammer) is "one-piece," which means you don't need to worry about the head coming off after repeated use; This kit has everything you need for softening & breaking in your glove and then holding the shape all year
  • GET YOUR GLOVE GAME READY : Use this bundle to break in a new glove and/or keep the shape of your "old" broken in baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch glove; The glove care accessory combination of the glovolium oil (made with lanolin), glove mallet, wrap band, and cloth will get your glove game-ready
  • HOLD YOUR GLOVES SHAPE: Use a ball or the mallet head inside the glove pocket when using the glove wrap to shape the glove most effectively; Use the wrap band whenever your glove is not in use for long-term shaping, forming, and molding
  • GLOVE BREAKIN APPLICATION TIPS: Break-in the glove with the wooden mallet (made of maple wood), use the glove oil treatment for softening and preserving the glove, apply the oil with the applicator cloth, and use the wrap band as a shape keeper