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Easton Easton Weighted 12 oz Baseball Training Balls (Pack of 6) $55.99
Train Like a Pro with Easton Enhance your baseball or softball game with the Easton heavy weight 12 oz training ball, designed for serious players. With a textured surface for an improved grip, these heavy baseball balls for training offer immediate feedback, making them essential for refining your batting skills. Whether you're indoors or in a confined outdoor area, the restricted flight feature allows for maximum practice with minimal space. Elevate your baseball or softball training regime, suitable for all skill levels. Optimize Your Training Sessions Experience the ideal training companion with our sport ball bundle. The Easton 12 oz training ball's optic yellow color improves visibility, ensuring focus and precision in every swing. The innovative design gives players an authentically textured grip for throwing, while the raised seams deliver a realistic pitch and hit feel. This sport ball is built for relentless practice. Achieve Pitching Perfection Engineered for pitchers seeking to master their craft, the Easton training ball is an indispensable tool in your arsenal. These baseball weighted balls for pitching facilitate the development of strength and accuracy, offering pitchers of all levels a pathway to excellence. The weighted design mimics a standard baseball, providing an enhanced training experience. Additional Bullet Points-12 oz heavy weight design -Instant feedback on contact -Optic yellow, textured surface -Suitable for all skill levels Additional Product Features Optimized Hitting Accuracy - Enhance your swinging precision with 12oz Easton limited flight training balls, offering instant feedback for baseball/softball Space-Savvy Design - Restricted flight capability makes these weighted baseballs ideal for limited spaces; Now practice your batting and throwing without needing a field; Perfect for focused training sessions Enhanced Visibility - The vibrant optic yellow color of these weighted baseballs ensures they are easily seen, allowing for better eye-tracking when hitting or pitching; No more losing sight of the ball Premium Texture - Improve your grip when throwing with these textured surface weighted balls for throwing; Feel confident in every toss, whether you're pitching or throwing a weighted baseball All-Level Suitability - From rookies to seasoned pros, these baseball training balls cater to all skill levels; The raised seams give an authentically textured feel, mirroring game-day conditions every practice