Jaypro Sports Jaypro Sports Baseball Base (Set of 3) White Rubber Throw Down Style $43.00
Heavy-duty molded rubber with waffle bottom. Set of three bases. Product Dimensions: 13-1/2 in. L x 13-1/2 in. W x 1/2 in. H Sold as 1 Set 1 – Year Limited Warranty
Jaypro Sports Jaypro Sports Baseball Base (Set of 5) Rubber Throw Down Style $20.00
Flexible and washable rubber bases for indoor/outdoor use 3 bases, home plate and pitching rubber included Sold as 1 Set 1 – Year Limited Warranty
Jaypro Sports Jaypro Sports Home Plate - Rubber Throw Down $18.00
Durable 1/2 in. thick rubber that has a beveled edge and a waffle bottom for indoor or outdoor use. This throw down style home plate is great for indoor use. Additional Product Features Heavy-duty molded rubber with waffle bottom Can be used indoors. Product Dimensions: 17 in.L x 17 in.W x 1/2 in.H Sold as 1 Each 1 – Year Limited Warranty
PowerNet Powernet Throw Down Base 5 Piece Set $30.00
Indoor/Outdoor use. Flexible, washable rubber. Additional Product Features FIVE PIECE BASE SET; Includes Home Plate, Pitcher's Rubber, First Base, Second Base and Third Base; Every marker you need to setup a diamond for any Baseball, Softball or kickball LABELED FOR REFERENCE; These bases are clearly labeled as a helpful reference for youth players; Makes it easier for coaches to show and tell the players which base is where during the early player development years TAKE THEM ANYWHERE; These rubber bases can be folded or rolled to in any equipment bag; These bases are ready to go in any weather; Perfect for indoor or outdoor use PERFECT FOR COACH; Great addition to any coach's equipment stash; With these any coach can setup a diamond anyplace at anytime; Also works great for any school, league or team STANDARD SIZE; These bases are similar to standard size bases so players can have an accurate base for tags, run throughs and plays
PowerNet Powernet Baseball T-Ball Coaching Bundle $70.00
8 Piece PowerNet Tee, Baseball and Bases set. Additional Product Features ADJUSTABLE TEE; Fully adjustable from 22" to 35" for every T-ball player size; Allows the coach to find the perfect height for every player; Solid rubber base offers excellent stability SOFT CORE BASEBALLS; Set includes six soft core T-Balls; Soft core for player and coach safety; The safety core allows all young players to build confidence while learning new skills THROW DOWN BASES; 5 Piece labeled set included so anywhere can become a Baseball diamond; 1st, 2nd and 3rd base are clearly labeled so that new players can easily identify the proper base location FOR EVERY COACH; This Tee-ball set is all you need for the season and includes everything you need to get started on your coaching journey