Covey Sports Tennis Grip Start Rite Trainer Aid (Packs of 3 & 6)

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Learn The Continental & Other Grips Faster With The Start Rite Swing Training Tool!

As a coach, one of the biggest challenges can be teaching the continental grip to your tennis players. As a player, it can be one of the most frustrating things to learn.

With our Start Rite Tennis Grip Trainer accessory, you will greatly speed up the process!

But the use of this tool extends beyond the continental grip! Here are a few more ways to use the Start Rite Grip!
  • This tool can also help players learn the proper forehand grip, from full-western to semi-western!
  • The primary way to use the grip trainer is to position it between the index finger and middle finger. However, it can also be placed at the heel of the hand to help players that struggle with their hand sliding.
  • For players that choke up on their racquet or paddle too much, the trainer can also be placed above the hand to prevent players from sliding the hand up too high!

The Start Rite Grip Is Perfect for Self-Training, Team-Training, or Individual Lessons for Men, Women, & Kids!

Whether you coach a team, do 1-on-1 lessons, or are a player practicing on your own, this tool will be of benefit.

When used properly, players will receive instant kinesthetic feedback to feel the proper grips. This can translate into improving all parts of your game, whether it be serving, volleys, forehands, or backhands!

With our 3-pack & 6-pack options, you can purchase our Start Rite trainers for yourself or for a full team!



With each purchase, you will receive our short instructional guide. This guide will help you better understand how to place the tool on your racquet or paddle for each grip!


Whether you play tennis, pickleball, or any other racquet or paddle sport, this tool can help! Simply strap the tool properly around the handle of your racquet or paddle for instant feedback!


Take our Start Rite Grips with you on the go! The small & lightweight design makes them perfect for practice anywhere. Whether you are practicing at home, against a wall, or on a court our tool has you covered!

  • MUST HAVE TENNIS ACCESSORIES FOR COACHING: This simply designed tennis grip aid is an essential piece of tennis practice equipment for coaches and their teams; It provides instant kinesthetic feedback on each type of tennis or pickleball grip
  • IMPROVE ALL PARTS OF YOUR GAME: The start right grip trainer can help each player improve their serve, volley, forehands, backhands, & overhead hits when used properly; Use our included grip guide to help with proper placement of the tool and fingers
  • CONTINENTAL GRIP TRAINER & MORE: The most common use of these trainers is as a drill for helping to learn the challenging continental grip; However, putting the grip on properly can also help players develop full-western, semi-western, & eastern grips as well
  • USE FOR PRACTICE ANYWHERE: Whether you are doing drills on a full court, against a wall, taking dry swings at home, this convenient swing tool will help create proper grip and muscle memory for your tennis game; These are the training aides of choice for both self training or team training
  • OFFICIAL START RITE TRAINING AID: Each grip is an official Start Rite Grip created by Rod Schroeder, US Patent #7,896,762,762 B2; Each pack includes a Covey Sports instructional card to help with proper hand & tool placement