PowerNet PowerNet Numbered Pitching Pad | Baseball Softball Target (Pad Only) $65.00
The PowerNet Numbered Pitching Pad and 7x7 Foot Hitting Net helps athletes improve their accuracy. This bundle allows pitchers to work on their command anywhere and see where their pitch ends up. Attaching the four quadrant pitching pad to the 7x7 hitting net helps pitchers throw bullpen before a game if no catchers are available. Easily use this target trainer and training net bundle at practice with your team or transport it to the park or your garage for solo training during the off-season! Additional Product Features PROGRESSIVE TRAINING; Beginning athletes can focus on hitting any part of the pad; Developing players can utilize the different colored areas for quadrant training; Finally, advanced pitchers can target specific numbers with a variety of pitches IMPROVE COMMAND; Get instant feedback with the pitching pad to help improve your command; Easily hang on to a fence with the include straps and hooks or your existing net ALL AGES; This training aid is great for all ages and skill levels; Perfect for beginner intermediate and advanced players ADVANCED TRAINING TOOL; Baseball movement is often described in reference to a clock; Using the markings as a reference, the athlete can get an accurate feel for their pitch movement including where they end up and where to start them PORTABLE; Lightweight and portable design; Great for coaches or pitching trainers; Easily train indoors or outdoors
PowerNet Powernet Pitch Perfect Training Targets $40.00
The PowerNet Pitch Perfect Target System was developed with Fernando Rodriguez as a training tool for pitchers of all levels. The included training guide starts by demonstrating a Beginner setup for anyone new to pitching. It progresses from the Intermediate to an Advanced portion where Fernando walks you through the mind of a pro and how to pitch like one using this system. Targets become smaller as your accuracy gets better. With the ability to create any kind of pitching scenario, the Pitch Perfect System is perfect for beginners and advanced pitchers. Kids love the competitiveness of the various games included that makes training fun. Advanced pitchers gain insight into Professional-level, game mentality and are able to practice them anytime in the convenience of a backyard. Targets hang on any size PowerNet. Carry case included. Practice nets, strike zone and other accessories sold separately. Additional Product Features PITCHING TARGETS; Set of 12 pitching targets (Four large 12 inch, Four Medium 8 inch and Four Small 4 inch); Made of high impact vinyl with a high-density foam core which creates a pop similar to a Catchers glove so they have audible confirmation of your great pitch; Includes zippered carrying bag with handles; Proven to increase pitching/throwing accuracy EASY TO SETUP; Attaches to any of our PowerNet nets in seconds; Heavy duty metal eyelet and plastic toggle closure system allow for quick and easy adjustment for any location on our nets; Net not included PITCHING TRAINING GUIDE; Includes PowerNets Pitch Perfect Training Guide; Our professional pitchers designed this beginner to advanced pitching guide with pitching layouts and tips for any level of training SOLO OR TEAM TRAINING; This pitching aid can be used for solo training or team training; Perfect for self-training when you are working on new pitching locations or pitch sequences; Excellent team trainer and makes training fun while incorporating into group competitive games of Horse or 21; Also great for training throw location during Catcher throws to second/third, Infielder double play scenario throws to third/second and/or Pitcher pickoff throw location PRO PLAYER DESIGNED; Designed, Used by and Endorsed by Pro Baseball Pitchers German Marquez and Fernando Rodriguez and Pro Softball Player Danielle O'Toole
ProNine ProNine Weighted Softball (10 oz.) For Pitching & Throwing (Dozen) $99.99
Improve Your Pitching & Throwing Velocity This Season! Whether you are a pitcher, infielder or outfielder, adding a weighted ball routine to your workouts can improve your game. This 12 inch heavy softball training aid is perfect for your fastpitch practices! Proper use will not only help you throw harder but will also increase your endurance! The Perfect Training Aid For Both Team & Individual Workouts! Whether you are a coach or a fastpitch softball player, our weighted softball is for you! Some activities with a weighted softball can be completed both indoors & outdoors, giving you (or your team) the flexibility to improve all year. Whether you need this for team practices or individual workouts, it's certain to help your team improve their pitching & throwing this season! Additional Product Features Improve Performance - This 10 ounces weighted fastpitch softball pitching aid increases accuracy and refines throwing technique; The weighted softball helps build skills and confidence for improved performance Pitching & Throwing Training Aids - Increase your accuracy & velocity this season with this weighted ball trainer; Proper use can help you throw harder while also increasing your endurance Perfect For Team or Individual Exercises - Some activities with a weighted softball can be completed both indoors & outdoors, giving you (or your team) the flexibility to improve all year Made to Last - This weighted softball is made and designed to last multiple training sessions. It's cover is made of leather while the center is made of cork and rubber; The seam is medium height
PowerNet Powernet German Marquez Pitching Pad $80.00
The PowerNet German Marquez Pitching Pad is great for all ages. This training tool helps pitchers track their pitch with the netted pockets that catch any ball thrown through each quadrant. The 4 quadrants with a catcher allows players to visualize the strike zone and provides immediate feedback. Perfect tool for solo training anywhere. Additional Product Features 4 POCKET DESIGN; The 4 quadrant pitching pad allows pitchers to visualize where they want to see their pitch finish; Each quadrant has netting that catches the ball to show you how many pitches actually made it through the pitching square SOLO OR TEAM TRAINING; This pitching aid can be used for solo training or team training; Perfect for self training when you are working on new pitching locations or pitch sequences; Excellent team trainer and makes training fun while incorporating into group competitive games of Horse or 21 ATTACH ANYWHERE; Not only can you use this on our training net systems but you can also attach this pad anywhere with the universal clips; Attach to just about any chain link fence or backstop or any batting cage netting ULTRA DURABLE AND PRO ENDORSED; This training tool is ultra durable and portable; The heavy duty ¼ inch foam material canvas pad is highly impact resistant to provide years of protection season after season; Easy to setup; Train anywhere; Used and endorsed by professional pitcher German Marquez PATENT PENDING
PowerNet Powernet Power Pad Canvas Batting Pitching Backstop $70.00
PowerNet's Power Pad is ready for action on or off the field. Live ball practice, batting cage training, garage workout or heavy ball strength conditioning, this offers a protective hitting surface for every workout. The Power Pad has a heavy-duty canvas shell with a 1/4" high density foam core to stop balls dead in their tracks. This mat is specially designed to protect your training area from the damage caused by a hard stuck or thrown ball. The pad works with baseball or softballs, pitching machine balls, heavy training balls and our micro heavy training balls. This hitting pad pairs perfectly with our training nets and creates the perfect portable backstop. The easy clip attachments can be used on any fence or chain link backstop or any batting cage netting. Additional Product Features POWER PAD ONLY (NET NOT INCLUDED) DESIGNED FOR YEARS OF ABUSE - The heavy-duty canvas pad and ¼” high density foam materials are highly impact resistant and were specially selected to provide years of protection PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT - The hitting pad offers an extra layer of protection for your expensive equipment; Use together with our weighted balls to bring batted balls to a firm stop ULTIMATE PORTABLE BACKSTOP - Pair the hitting mat with one of our hitting nets to create the ultimate portable backstop that can be used on or off the field ATTACH ANYWHERE - Not only can you use this on our training net systems, but you can also attach this pad anywhere with the universal clips; Attach to just about any chain-link fence or backstop or any batting cage netting USED & ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS - Andrelton Simmons, Mo Mercado, Kirsti Merritt
PowerNet Powernet Andrelton Simmons Stand-in Batter $30.00
The PowerNet Andrelton Simmons Stand-In Batter helps pitchers visualize their opponent when they are working to improve their pitching mechanics. This baseball softball training aid is perfect for all ages and can be placed in different spots on a net or chain link fence with its adjustable hook and loop straps. With a professional highly decorated player to visualize, young athletes can be motivated to strive to reach that big league dream. It is the perfect tool to gift to players. Additional Product Features 70 INCHES BY 21 INCHES; The stand-in batter is perfect height to simulate a real life size athlete; Use as left or right handed hitter STRIKE ZONE ATTACHMENT; The strike zone gives you immediate feedback on your pitch accuracy; Build confidence in and around the strike zone; Adjust the strike zone up or down to visualize tall and shorter batters SAFELY IMPROVE YOUR COMMAND WITH A BIG LEAGUE ATMOSPHERE; Visually see your opponent in the hitters box at home plate while you are on the mound; Work on your inside pitch without worrying about the batters safety; Face the best by pitching against 4 time gold glove award winner Andrelton Simmons PORTABLE DURABLE AND EASY SETUP; The attachable stand in player sets up in seconds with the 8 stitched in hook and loop straps; No tools required; Adjustable training aid for baseball and softball practice; This training tool is simple to breakdown and can be stored in your training bag without taking up space; Lightweight mesh is easy to transport anywhere; Set up the Andrelton Simmons Stand In Batter on any training hitting net or chain link fence; Use indoor and outdoors PRO ENDORSED AND USED; Endorsed and used by professional starting pitcher German Marquez
Champion Sports Champion Sports Weighted Training Softballs, Set of 8 $123.99
Take your team's pitching to the next level with this colorful Champion Sports Weighted Softball Set. The set features eight balls in sizes ranging from five to twelve ounces, so you can gradually increase the weight as your pitchers build up arm strength. Each ball is made with a combination rubber and cork center that provides a similar feel to a regular softball, so it will be easy to switch back after each training session. The weighted softball set comes with a sturdy nylon bag to keep the balls together and easy to carry down the park. Combination rubber and cork center provides a similar feel to that of a regular softball Graduated color coded weights Gradually increase the weight of the ball as your arm strengthens Set of 8 training balls weighted from 5-12 oz Nylon carrying case included for easy transportation 12" D Set contains a variety of bright, highly visible colors