Covey Baseball & Softball Dugout Lineup Card Charts, 17x11"

Size Guide
Keep the Line Up & Substitutes for Both Teams Organized! These Dugout Lineup Cards Are Made With You and Your Team in Mind

As a baseball or softball coach, your hands are full. You are teaching fundamentals and strategy. You are making practice plans, team purchases, and game schedules. Sometimes your job is to encourage, and other times it's to discipline. Not to mention you have to work through playing time issues and more!

From a game standpoint, there are a lot of things happening fast. From pitching changes to pinch hitters, it can be a challenge to remember what options you have as you get deep into a game.

And that is why we made these dugout line-up chart sheets! By filling out a new card for each game you will be better organized with the starters and subs for both teams as the game progresses.

Our goal is to make your time coaching a little bit easier, even if it is in a small detail like dugout lineup cards.

With these dugout cards, keeping yourself and your team organized will be a breeze. No more wondering who is hitting, pitching, or courtesy running. The 17 x 11 inch dimensions will give you plenty of room to write while offering more "tracking" options than most other dugout cards.

Simply place your card somewhere visible in the dugout so that all of your coaches & players know who is in each position, spot in the batting order, & what role for each inning of the game! Whether it's pitchers, pinch-hitters, courtesy runners, or substitutions our dugout lineup cards have you covered!

And each card is made of thick cardstock paper, making them durable and easy to write on!

On top of that, each card is made in the USA! We love our country and we are proud of these convenient dugout cards!



The top two sections of each card will have a batting order section for 10 hitters. The 10th position can be used for your Pitcher or Flex position (if it's being used). And just underneath this area is a convenient courtesy runner section for the pitcher & catcher.


Each card has a section for the available hitters & pitchers that are able to come into the game at a later time. Make it easier to keep track of whom is still available to play!


At the bottom of each card is an inning by inning scoring column so that you can ensure the score is correct. Have a player be responsible for inputting this as the game progresses. Lastly, the bottom corner has a spot for the umpires' names so that you don't forget who was umping each game!

  • ACCESSORIES TO MAKE COACHING EASIER: Each Covey Sports softball & baseball chart can be placed in your dugout as a convenient organizer "board" for tracking the lineups, positions, and substitutions of both teams; The coach can keep each sheet on the bench with a large clipboard or binder, or simply hang it on the dugout wall/fence in a convenient location
  • MORE CHARTING OPTIONS : The larger 17x11" sheet gives more space and charting options than most other dugout cards; Each sheet has space for your entire roster, your batting order, courtesy runners, available hitters & pitchers for each team, the umpires, and a scoring column on the bottom to keep track of the game score
  • EASY FOR PLAYERS & COACHES : Placing the game " cheat sheet " in a visible location makes it easy for players to see where they are in the lineup; Also makes it much easier for coaches to remember which substitutes are available to pitch, hit, or run the bases; Great for baseball, faspitch, & slowpitch softball
  • THICK & DURABLE SHEET : Each "lineup board" is made from thick cardstock paper, making it incredibly durable and easy to write on; The options to purchase in packs of 25 or 50 allows you to purchase the amount that you need for your season
  • COMPLETE YOUR COACHING EQUIPMENT: Combine these baseball & softball dugout cards with our Covey Sports 50-game side by side scorebook and our 50-pack of regular lineup cards to complete your coaches dugout "equipment" (scorebook and regular lineup cards sold separately); All three products are sold in increments of 25 or 50 to keep your quantities "synced"