Tyrus Tyrus Baseball Pine Tar Stick Super Sticky (3.5 oz) For Bat Grip on... $23.99
Unleash the Power of Extra Grip Dominate in any weather condition with the Baseball Super Sticky Pine Tar Stick from Tyrus. Manufactured in the USA, this long-lasting bat grip enhancer is expert in bringing players closer to their game, creating an unbeatable pine tar bat grip. Its unique formula develops an immediate adhesive effect, prompting the feeling of your bat being one with your hands. Alleviate even the slightest slippage concerns with this revolutionary baseball tar stick. A Spectacle of Summer Performance Experience an innovative bat grip tar meticulously designed for spring and summer use. Consisting of a super sticky formula, the Tyrus Baseball Pine Tar Stick significantly improves your grip instantaneously. The easy application transforms your wooden baseball or softball bat into a power-driven sporting weapon. With this pine grip, seamlessly control the game, ensuring top performance even in wet conditions. Remember, storage in shade keeps its softness intact. True Game Changer in Bat Handling Refine your swinging prowess with the convenience of this 3.5 oz bat pine tar stick. The Tyrus Baseball Pine Tar Stick ergonomic design ensures easier application on the bat handle, promising an enhanced gripping power instantly. This pine stick baseball bat accessory creates extra grip on wooden baseball or softball bats, reinforcing your bat control precision. Invest in this exceptional baseball bat stick, and witness your bat handling skills progress beyond expectations.Additional Product Features Super Sticky Formula - The baseball & softball super tacky pinetar stick is designed to improve your grip on your wooden or aluminum bat immediately. Batting grip pine tar ensures your bat feels like an extension of your hand for next-level gameplay while hitting  Excellent for Spring & Summer - The stick grip (sometimes called stickum or bat tack) is soft and pliable. Note to store in shade during use for optimal consistency. Baseball pine tar remains ultra-tacky, even in humid or wet summer conditions. American Made Quality - These bat grip accessories are Made in the USA by Tyrus Baseball, this pine tar baseball stick is a testament to premium quality & is sure to help any batter or hitter. With a weight of 3.5 oz, it is easy to apply and durable for long-lasting use Enhanced Grip Power- Apply the pine tar grip to the handle of your wooden baseball or softball bat. This baseball pine gives you enhanced gripping power, transforming how you connect with every swing. Perfect for Wooden Bats - Our formula in the bat stick baseball creates a super sticky layer on wooden bats. The pine tar stick provides you with the ultimate batting grip, ideal for professional or amateur players alike Additional Bullets -Super Sticky formula enhances grip instantly -Unifies bat and hands feel -Remains tacky in wet conditions -Perfect for wooden bats, weight 3.5 oz -Long-lasting, USA-made by Tyrus Baseball
Tyrus Tyrus Baseball Pine Tar Stick (2.5 oz) For Bat Grip on Wood & Metal... $19.99
Maximize Your Hold with Superior Grip Solution Establish an unbeatable game with the Tyrus Baseball Bat Pinetar Grip Stick, which provides an unrivaled adhesive grip enhancing your swing precision. Expertedly crafted to coat your baseball or softball bat handle with an enduring, robust stickiness, it significantly boosts your grip strength. Regardless of the weather conditions, the intense grip offered by this baseball tar ensures you can comfortably grasp your bat, uncompromised by extreme heat or torrential rain. Maximize Your Swings with Enduring Tackiness Achieve a swing that speaks volumes with the Tyrus Baseball Bat Grip Stick. With the tenacity to maintain its potent tackiness over extensive gameplay, this baseball bat stick becomes an indispensable component of your kit, assisting in delivering power-packed hits. Designed for convenient use, the grip enhancer stick is housed in a retractable tube packaging, ensuring the stick stays clean and secured with a protective cap. The packaging makes for a no-mess application and easy storage, bringing efficiency and effectiveness together. Unleash Your Full Potential with Pine-Infused Power Experience the unique sensation and enhanced performance only the Tyrus Baseball Bat Grip Stick can deliver. Our proprietary pine tar formula, renowned for its exceptional batting enhancements amongst professionals, ensures you can sustain high levels of grip stability in all conditions - even the wettest ones. This bat grip stick, completely infused with powerful pine tar for an unrivaled baseball bat grip, thrust into your hands the benefits of professional grade equipment - allowing you to swing with utmost confidence and aptitude. Unlock peak performance with every swing when you choose the Tyrus Baseball Bat Grip Stick. Elevate your game effortlessly and elevate your batting statistics remarkably. Additional Product Features Superior Grip Enhancement - The Tyrus baseball bat pinetar grip stick (2.5 oz) offers unmatched stickiness to enhance the grip for a hitter on any wooden or aluminum baseball or softball bat. Specially crafted batting grip pine tar for confident, slip-free swings, it adds finesse to your batting & hitting game Engineered for Extended Usage - Made with virgin Tyrus pine tar, our grip stick (also called stickum or bat tack) retains its sticky tackiness even in wet conditions. For best usage & to maximize life of product, keep out of the sun & hot temperatures Effort-Free, No-Mess Usage - Enjoy a hassle-free application with our pine tar bat grip stick, designed in a retractable tube for your convenience. The secure screw on cap ensures your batting pine tar remains potent & less messy than other brands Ideal for Everyone - Tyrus Baseball Bat Grip Pine Tar Stick accessories are a game-changer for all player types. Enhance your grip, boost your game, and enjoy peace of mind on the field with this versatile baseball essential Practical and Portable - Our retractable baseball grip stick easily fits into your equipment bag compartments. Compact, dependable, and designed for hassle-free storage, it's an essential piece in your baseball equipment arsenal Additional Bullets -Enhances bat grip with tackiness -Retractable tube for easy application -Snap-tight cap for secure storage -Performs well even in wet conditions -Long-lasting pine tar solution