Rawlings Rawlings 15oz Line Drive Weighted Training Ball for Baseball & Soft... from $44.99
Unleash Your Swing Potential Enhance your batting skills with the Rawlings Line Drive Weighted Training Ball, the ultimate tool to power up your hits. At 15 ounces, this resistance ball with its robust PVC cover is designed to reinforce your strength and accuracy. Feel the difference with every hit and refine your technique to consistently strike the sweet spot. Refined Precision, Elevated Power Stride to the plate with confidence, armed with the discipline the Rawlings Line Drive Weighted Training Ball instills. Train with resistance that mimics game scenarios, providing immediate swing feedback for adjustments on the fly. Ideal for both baseball and softball players aiming to fortify their hitting power. ADDITIONAL BULLET POINTS -15 oz weighted training ball -Durable PVC cover -Instant swing feedback -Enhances power hitting ADDITIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES Optimized Power Hitting - The Rawlings line drive hitter weighted training ball, at 15 ounces, is a baseball weighted ball for hitting, designed to amplify your power; Its resistance enhances each swing for impactful batting practice. Durable Design - Crafted with a sturdy PVC cover, this heavy hitting ball withstand both rigorous baseball drills and softball sessions for each batter; The weighted ball's long-lasting construction ensures countless hours of practice Precision Training - Hone your accuracy with this line drive weighted ball; a baseball training ball that provides immediate feedback, promoting consistent contact with the sweetspot, crucial for every serious hitter Versatile Practice Aid - Ideal for baseball and softball, these limited flight balls keep your practice contained and efficient; Transform your hitting prowess with these essential training tools
PowerNet Powernet Power Pad Canvas Batting Pitching Backstop $70.00
PowerNet's Power Pad is ready for action on or off the field. Live ball practice, batting cage training, garage workout or heavy ball strength conditioning, this offers a protective hitting surface for every workout. The Power Pad has a heavy-duty canvas shell with a 1/4" high density foam core to stop balls dead in their tracks. This mat is specially designed to protect your training area from the damage caused by a hard stuck or thrown ball. The pad works with baseball or softballs, pitching machine balls, heavy training balls and our micro heavy training balls. This hitting pad pairs perfectly with our training nets and creates the perfect portable backstop. The easy clip attachments can be used on any fence or chain link backstop or any batting cage netting. Additional Product Features POWER PAD ONLY (NET NOT INCLUDED) DESIGNED FOR YEARS OF ABUSE - The heavy-duty canvas pad and ¼” high density foam materials are highly impact resistant and were specially selected to provide years of protection PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT - The hitting pad offers an extra layer of protection for your expensive equipment; Use together with our weighted balls to bring batted balls to a firm stop ULTIMATE PORTABLE BACKSTOP - Pair the hitting mat with one of our hitting nets to create the ultimate portable backstop that can be used on or off the field ATTACH ANYWHERE - Not only can you use this on our training net systems, but you can also attach this pad anywhere with the universal clips; Attach to just about any chain-link fence or backstop or any batting cage netting USED & ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS - Andrelton Simmons, Mo Mercado, Kirsti Merritt
PowerNet Powernet Sweet Spot Bat Swing Training $40.00
IMPROVED HAND-EYE COORDINATION – Learn to hit on the sweet spot with any game or weighted ball. Available in 3 size/weight combinations. 2” diameter by 5” red wide sweet spot area on a slim 1.5” white barrel. SWEET SPOT - Focus on batting technique with this training bat. This bat forces the player to focus on proper batting technique and hit location. Learn to make solid contact at the plate. IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK - The bat gives immediate physical and audible feedback when the ball is hit on or off the sweet spot of the bat. BALANCED WEIGHTED BARREL - The Sweet Spot Bat is designed with extra weight built in to help strengthen the muscle group used while batting. Strengthens your swing and will help add distance and power to your hits. USED & ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS - Andrelton Simmons, Jose Martinez and Kelly Kretschman.
ProNine ProNine Curve Ball Trainer Baseball Hitting Training Aid Equipment ... $49.99
Hit Curveballs More Consistently This Season!One of the challenges of effective batting baseball practice is being able to simulate hitting the breaking ball. The ProNine curve trainer has a unique spiral design to help do exactly that!Incorporating these balls into your workouts will help you improve your ability to hit curveballs more consistently this season!Whether You Coach or Play, This Baseball Practice Equipment Is For You! If you are coaching a team, this trainer will make batting and fielding practices more productive. If you are a player, you can use these foam balls for individual training!Works For Indoor & Outdoor Practices!The dense foam of these trainers will help allows these to be used both indoors and outdoors. While it won’t scratch your gym floor, it’s also heavy enough to be used outside! HERE ARE FEW MORE REASONS YOU WILL LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!IMPROVES HAND-EYE COORDINATIONWhether you are using these trainers for batting practice, ground ball drills, or playing catch the unique design & less predictable movement will help improve hand-eye coordination. DIFFERENT SIZED PACKS AVAILABLEWhether you just need 3 curveball batting trainers or more, we have different pack sizes available to best meet your needs! ADDITIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES CHOOSE THE AMOUNT YOU NEED : Each bundle option includes the selected amount of ProNine foam curveball training balls with our Covey Sports drawstring carrying bag HIT CURVEBALLS MORE EFFECTIVELY THIS SEASON : The spiral design of the coaching aid allows the ball to curve & simulate breaking ball pitching more effectively; Each pack includes an equal amount of orange, yellow, & green balls ALSO WORKS FOR FIELDING DRILLS : The spiral design also allows this to work as a reaction ball while simulating different hops for your infielders; The dense foam works great both indoors & outdoors IMPROVE HAND & EYE COORDINATION : Whether you are using this training aid for hitting curves, playing catch, or fielding the unique shape will improve hand-eye coordination by moving in a less predictable way than a regular baseball
CamWood Bats CamWood Baseball & Softball Sweet Spot Trainer Bat $104.99
Maximize Your Hitting PotentialRefine your batting technique with the CamWood Sweet Spot Trainer. Crafted from the finest ash wood, it's an essential piece of baseball and softball equipment that encourages precise, powerful contact. This innovative tool is key for players committed to baseball or softball practice, transforming sessions into a professional training experience. It delivers tactile feedback for instant adjustment, ideal for those aiming to be serious contenders on the diamond.The Ultimate Training Companion Stepping up to the plate with confidence is easier when training with the CamWood sweet spot trainer. A vital addition to your training equipment for kids and adults, this bat is designed for softball and baseball practice alike. It challenges players to focus on hitting accuracy, thus reinforcing batting fundamentals for both beginners and seasoned athletes. Get ready to hear the crack of your bat echo through the field - sweet spot success awaits.Designed for Development and Precision From little league hopeful, to the seasoned slugger, the CamWood sweet spot trainer is the definitive baseball and softball training equipment. Meticulously engineered for sweet spot precision, this tool is invaluable for athletes dedicated to improving every swing. Whether you're warming up with training balls or engaging in intense batting practice equipment drills, this bat is your guide towards hitting mastery and the backbone of effective training regimens.Additional Product Features Sweet Spot Practice - Enhance your batting skills with the CamWood sweet spot trainer. As a first-rate baseball bat, it's designed to improve hit location and employ proper batting technique - providing real-time feedback for precision hits High-Quality Materials - This training bat will stand up to rigorous use due to the solid ash wood construction. Praised as a high-quality baseball training bat, it's durable, reliable, and ready to elevate your game Training Versatility - Suitable for all skill levels and available in various sizes, this hitting stick baseball trainer can be used for tee work, soft toss, front toss, and live pitching. It is a must-have baseball and softball training equipment Boosting Performance - A reliable swing trainer to maximize power on impact. This CamWood batting trainer will help you get the hitting edge you need. It fosters improvement in hand eye coordination training and batting power Advanced Batting Practice Tool - Ready to revolutionize your batting practice? This user-friendly sweet spot trainer tailored for any skill level helps increase power, precision, and performance, leading to noticeable skill enhancement Additional Bullet Points-Sweet Spot Hitting Focus-High-Quality Ash Wood-Immediate Swing Feedback-Suitable for All Skill Levels-Versatile Training Uses
CamWood Bats CamWood Baseball & Softball Hands & Speed Trainer Bat $104.99
Master the Plate with CamWood Bats Craft the swing that legends are made of with the CamWood Training Bat. Tailored for both the diamond and the cage, this versatile wood bat enrichits your batting practice by enhancing swing mechanics and fostering bat control. Its intricate balance deceives the scales, allowing players to swing a heftier bat with unexpected ease. From novice batters to the adult leagues, this bat is the secret weapon for amplifying bat speed and precision. Refine Your Swing with Precision Unveil your true potential at the plate with the CamWood softball & baseball training bat. This training tool is a cornerstone for any player aiming to refine their swinging bat technique. The intricately crafted wood bat, designed to deliver a better bat path to the ball, helps prevent the common mistake of casting. As it ushers players of all levels towards excellence, this bat is not only a piece of equipment but a baseball swing trainer destined to turn good hitters into greatness. Boost Power with Balanced Design Feel the difference in power with every hit using the CamWood speed bat. Engineered to augment bat weight optimally, the CamWood bats philosophy is about transforming your game without compromising on balance. Experience the sensation of swinging bat weight that feels lighter than it is, thanks to the meticulous design of the CamWood bat. Its construction is purposed for unleashing rapid bat speed while conditioning your muscles, making this training bat an indispensable ally for stand-out performances. Additional Product Features Enhanced Performance - Improve your game with the CamWood wooden baseball training bat. This bat not only develops proper swing mechanics but also increases bat speed and power, making each move powerful and precise Premium Quality - This training wooden bat comprised of high-quality material ensures durability and resilience. Suitable for players of all levels, this bat will surely weather any rigorous training you're planning Extra Readiness - Embrace the benefits of using a weighted wooden bat for training. Although balanced and not as heavy to hold, it allows players to train with a more substantial bat, building their strength and swing Endorsed by Pros - Garnering rave reviews from prominent CamWood aficionados, this wood bat ensures significant game improvement. Efficient in preventing casting, it assures a better bat path to the ball Dual Purpose - Secure our speed trainer bat and reap the benefits for two sports! Crafted for baseball and softball, this youth & adult wood training bat fulfills your diverse training requisites Additional Bullet Points -Enhances swing mechanics -Boost bat speed and power -Correct bat path training -Preventative against casting -Balanced, effective weight design
CamWood Bats CamWood Baseball & Softball One Hand Trainer Bat $59.99
Master the Plate with Precision Training Refine your swing with precision using this exceptional batting trainer. Its near-hand weight design reinforces an inside bat path and proper swing mechanics. Whether it's during practice or a focused drill session, the unique weight distribution promotes the ideal follow-through, driving the ball with increased power. Suitable for players of all skill levels, this bat is a staple in any baseball and softball training equipment arsenal, providing the consistency needed for exceptional hitting performance. Enhance Strength and Coordination with Every Swing Step up to the challenge with a hitting trainer that is crafted to build power and coordination. The wooden construction of this CamWood training bat youth to adult model ensures durability and a solid feel in your hands. As part of your practice equipment, it's designed to minimize the casting effect, fostering an optimal hand path to the ball and increasing swing speed. This versatile mini baseball bat empowers players to achieve their personal batting excellence. Unlock Your Swing's Full Potential Experience the revolutionary design of the CamWood one hand trainer, meticulously engineered for skilled hitters aiming to elevate their game. With every repetition, this training bat ingrains the principles of a quick, efficient swing, targeting the development of the forearm and wrist muscles essential for that critical bat snap. Perfect for dynamic training sessions, this robust wooden bat complements both baseball and softball regimens, paving the way for amplified bat speed, precision, and control that translates directly to game day success. Additional Product Features Boost Your Game - Elevate your skill with this expert baseball and softball trainer bat. Engineered to balance during your swing with unique near-hand weight positioning, it aids in mastering precise hitting mechanics, upping your performance on the field Premium Durability Guaranteed - Expect reliable endurance from this wooden bat. The adult and youth size wooden bats construction ensures robust longevity. Withstanding intense strength training, it amplifies your power drills Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination - Perfect your baseball training with CamWood bat drills for better follow-through and ball-driving. A must-have tool that fosters optimal hand path to the ball, improving swing accuracy Own the Field - This baseball bat is designed to reduce casting effect and promote an inside bat path, contributing to improved gameplay. Ideal for baseball and softball training at all skill levels Increase Your Swing Speed - A superb addition to your collection of baseball bats, this wooden bat optimizes training efficiency and increases swing speed. Strengthen your performance, no matter how you play Additional Bullet Points -Weighted one-hand design -Enhances swing mechanics -Boost hand-eye coordination -Adult & youth sizes available -Increases swing speed
Easton Easton Weighted 12 oz Baseball Training Balls (Pack of 6) $55.99
Train Like a Pro with Easton Enhance your baseball or softball game with the Easton heavy weight 12 oz training ball, designed for serious players. With a textured surface for an improved grip, these heavy baseball balls for training offer immediate feedback, making them essential for refining your batting skills. Whether you're indoors or in a confined outdoor area, the restricted flight feature allows for maximum practice with minimal space. Elevate your baseball or softball training regime, suitable for all skill levels. Optimize Your Training Sessions Experience the ideal training companion with our sport ball bundle. The Easton 12 oz training ball's optic yellow color improves visibility, ensuring focus and precision in every swing. The innovative design gives players an authentically textured grip for throwing, while the raised seams deliver a realistic pitch and hit feel. This sport ball is built for relentless practice. Achieve Pitching Perfection Engineered for pitchers seeking to master their craft, the Easton training ball is an indispensable tool in your arsenal. These baseball weighted balls for pitching facilitate the development of strength and accuracy, offering pitchers of all levels a pathway to excellence. The weighted design mimics a standard baseball, providing an enhanced training experience. Additional Bullet Points-12 oz heavy weight design -Instant feedback on contact -Optic yellow, textured surface -Suitable for all skill levels Additional Product Features Optimized Hitting Accuracy - Enhance your swinging precision with 12oz Easton limited flight training balls, offering instant feedback for baseball/softball Space-Savvy Design - Restricted flight capability makes these weighted baseballs ideal for limited spaces; Now practice your batting and throwing without needing a field; Perfect for focused training sessions Enhanced Visibility - The vibrant optic yellow color of these weighted baseballs ensures they are easily seen, allowing for better eye-tracking when hitting or pitching; No more losing sight of the ball Premium Texture - Improve your grip when throwing with these textured surface weighted balls for throwing; Feel confident in every toss, whether you're pitching or throwing a weighted baseball All-Level Suitability - From rookies to seasoned pros, these baseball training balls cater to all skill levels; The raised seams give an authentically textured feel, mirroring game-day conditions every practice