Accubat Fungo Racquet for Fly Balls & Grounders (20 oz & 26 oz Models) $73.99
Transform Your Practice Sessions & Give Your Players More Effective Grounders & Fly-Balls! The Accubat Can Help Baseball & Softball Coaches of All Levels!Not only will your players get more from your practice time, but you will also be able to coach longer with less fatigue! The Accubat baseball training racket helps to ensure a more effective & meaningful practice session!Using a fungo bat takes a significant amount of practice & coordination to be consistent. If your players aren't getting the most out of your ground ball & fly-ball practice stations, the Accubat can help! From expert to novice, the fungo racquet makes it easier to hit consistent grounders & flyballs to your infielders and outfielders. Get the most out of your time on the practice field! HERE ARE A FEW MORE REASONS YOU WILL LOVE THIS BUNDLE! MADE IN THE USAAccubats are proudly made in the USA of long lasting materials! We love our country and we are proud to offer this convenient Accubat!TWO CONVENIENT SIZESAccubats come in the Pro Model (26 ounces, Black) & the Coaches Helper Model (20 ounces, Red). The Pro Model is recommended for more experienced coaches while the Coaches Helper is recommended for parents or newer coaches.MADE OF DURABLE PLASTIC & NETTINGEach Accubat is made with an extremely thick & durable plastic along with thick & long-lasting netting materials. ADDITIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES MAKES COACHING BASEBALL & SOFTBALL EASIER - The unique design allows for hours of fatigue-free training; If you struggle with accuracy using a fungo bat this convenient racket takes care of this problem TWO AVAILABLE SIZES - Accubats come in the Pro Model (26 ounces, Black) & the Coaches Helper Model (20 ounces, Red); While both rackets are extremely durable, the Pro Model is recommended for more experienced coaches WORKS FOR FLYBALLS & GROUNDERS - Sometimes referred to as a fly ball paddle, this convenient and heavy-duty racquet helps you add a more precise ground ball and flyball regimen to your practices; It functions similar to a tennis racket but is made for hitting baseballs or softballs MADE IN THE USA - Each Accubat is Made in the USA of high-quality plastics and thick netting materials