CamWood Bats CamWood Baseball & Softball Drill Pro Tee $162.99
Tailored Training for Every Swing Maximize your batting practice with the CamWood Drill Pro Tee's innovative dual tee design. Crafted for both baseball and softball enthusiasts, it enables a variety of drills tailored to enhance your hitting mechanics. The robust, impact-resistant rod ensures precise, consistent swings by avoiding casting. Make every practice session count with this essential addition to your baseball and softball accessories. Innovative Durability Meets Versatile Design The CamWood Drill Pro Tee stands the test of time and rigors of intense training with its marine-grade polyethylene base and powder-coated galvanized steel pipes. Fully adjustable in height, it accommodates players of all sizes, ensuring a customized batting experience. This batting tee for softball and baseball is an investment in your game that promises enduring performance and versatility. Seamlessness in Setup, Excellence in Execution Enter every training session with confidence, knowing the CamWood Drill Pro Tee is coded for hassle-free setup, catering seamlessly to both right-handed and left-handed hitters. The clear coding system guides players for quick adjustments, allowing full concentration on developing their skills. Elevate your game and practice like a pro, with this pivotal piece of baseball or softball accessories at your disposal. Additional Product Features Effort-free Setup - Adapt the CamWood Drill Pro Tee to your practice sessions with ease. Coded for straightforward setup, it favors both right-handed and left-handed hitters. Say hello to comfortable baseball practice Sturdy and Reliable - With its high-quality marine-grade polyethylene base and galvanized steel pipes, the hitting tee will consistently support your baseball and softball batting tee drills. Height adjustable for a customized experience Maximized Flexibility - Our Camwood Drill Pro Tee opens a world of drill variations to refine your technique. More than a routine baseball tee, it seamlessly transitions into a t-ball tee, fulfilling diverse training needs Master Your Swing - This batting practice tool flaunts an impact-resistant rod that prevents casting, keeping your technique sharp. Enhance your batting tee an extension of robust baseball training tool Achieve Peak Performance - Elevate your game with this expert-designed tee. Skillfully integrating tees for hitting, this essential batting tees for baseball and softball equipment blends strength and style to propel your performance Additional Bullet Points -Dual tee design for versatile drills -Impact-resistant rod to prevent casting -Durable marine-grade polyethylene base -Adjustable height with powder-coated steel -Coded for easy setup (right/left-handed)
PowerNet PowerNet Baseball Softball Adjustable Batting Tee | 2 Styles from $45.00
Our Portable Travel Batting Tee comes in two versions: Deluxe and Heavy. Both tees feature folding tripod legs and easy height adjustments providing quick practice sessions anytime, anywhere. Quickly folds up into any baseball equipment or bat bag. Additional Product Features DELUXE OR PRO BATTING TEE; Instant popup batting tee; Sets up in seconds, no tools required; Perfect for coaching batting drills and teaching hit location; Deluxe Tee - 2.5 lbs; PRO Tee - 6.5 lbs ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT; Fully adjustable can be used for players of all ages youth to adult; Tee adjusts from 27.5” to 44” high (height from ground to top of tee) EXTRA WIDE BASE; 26” leg span with rubber legs provide grip on any surface indoor or out; Works great on the field and at indoor training facilities and batting cages ROLLED RUBBER TOP; Holds baseballs and softballs steady; Also works great for our Weighted Training Balls; Flexible rolled rubber top is made of high quality materials that can take years of abuse USED & ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS; Andrelton Simmons, Jared Walsh and Kelly Kretschman
CamWood Bats CamWood Insider Baseball & Softball Batting Tee $119.95
Master the Art of Batting with Precision Engineered Durability Discover the fusion of premium quality and innovative design with CamWood's insider tee. Durable, yet intricate, this batting practice trainer boasts an impact-resistant rod, ensuring your hands stay inside the ball for that textbook swing. With its robust marine-grade polyethylene base and powder-coated galvanized steel pipes, it stands as an exemplum of batting tee resilience. Its unique construction is tailor-made for both right and left-handed batters, simplifying setup and inviting players to aspire for greatness. Optimize Your Swing with Tailored Adjustability CamWood paves the way for individualized training sessions, offering a batting tee that adapts as you grow. The custom-designed adjustable height feature of this baseball hitting training equipment serves to cater to both baseball and softball enthusiasts. This adjustability, combined with a color-coded system, enables seamless transitions in your practice routine, making it one of the most versatile teeball tee on the market. Embrace the ease of personalization and watch as your batting average soars. Celebrate the Game with a Gift of Perfection Every swing tells a story, and CamWood's insider tee is here to enrich your narrative. This indispensable piece of training equipment is not just for rigorous sessions at the plate; it is the quintessential baseball accessory, making it among the most thoughtful baseball gifts for enthusiasts. Engineered to withstand the elements of both casual backyard practice and intense training sessions, gifting this batting tee ensures that the passion for baseball games is fueled in every hit. Additional Product Features Dependable Durability - Enjoy countless hours of practice with our CamWood Bats tee ball stand. The marine-grade polyethylene base and impact-resistant rod ensure a stable, long-lasting performance. Perfect for youthful exuberance Master Your Skills - Stay on top of your game with this baseball batting tee. Its innovative design assists in keeping your hands inside the ball to eliminate "casting." Increasing confidence with every swing. Versatile Adjustments - With its powder-coated galvanized steel pipes, this batting tee provides adjustable height for a personalized experience. Suitable for a variety of players, young or experienced, ensuring practice is always rewarding Versatile Adjustments - With its powder-coated galvanized steel pipes, this batting tee provides adjustable height for a personalized experience. Suitable for a variety of players, young or experienced, ensuring practice is always rewarding Compatibility for All - Ideal for both right-handed and left-handed batters. Coded for easy set up, this baseball and softball tee can be adjusted to match anyone's stance. A must-have for any player looking to improve their batting technique Inclusive Skill Development - This CamWood Insider Tee is engineered for all competency levels - making it an essential tool for baseball and softball practice. From refining to mastering skills, witness the growth in each swing Quick Bullets Optimizes swing mechanics Helps to prevent "casting" while swinging Impact-resistant rod Durable marine-grade base Adjustable steel pipes Ambidextrous design
PowerNet Powernet Baseball T-Ball Coaching Bundle $70.00
8 Piece PowerNet Tee, Baseball and Bases set. Additional Product Features ADJUSTABLE TEE; Fully adjustable from 22" to 35" for every T-ball player size; Allows the coach to find the perfect height for every player; Solid rubber base offers excellent stability SOFT CORE BASEBALLS; Set includes six soft core T-Balls; Soft core for player and coach safety; The safety core allows all young players to build confidence while learning new skills THROW DOWN BASES; 5 Piece labeled set included so anywhere can become a Baseball diamond; 1st, 2nd and 3rd base are clearly labeled so that new players can easily identify the proper base location FOR EVERY COACH; This Tee-ball set is all you need for the season and includes everything you need to get started on your coaching journey
Tanner Tee Tanner Infinitee Batting Tee $179.99
Many young hitters find it difficult to consistently make contact all over the strike zone. The Infinitee gives the hitting coach or parent coach a new way to teach young athletes how to adjust their swing. Just move the swing arm to a new contact position, while keeping the tee base in place, so hitters stay consistent with their stance at every pitch location.   If you’re looking for a hitting aid that frees up time during your team or child’s practices and allows your athletes to practice a consistent approach to pitches in the entire strike zone, Infinitee is for you.
Tanner Tee Tanner Jr. Youth Tee Ball Batting Tee T Ball Stand $65.00
NEW 2022 The Tanner Jr. is a durable and affordable youth batting tee ball tee or t ball stand for the beginner baseball or softball player through their tee ball years. It's the perfect t ball stand at the field and for backyard family time for beginners. The Jr. t ball tee is adjustable from 18-25 inches to grow with your beginner and features a rugged metal stem overmolded with soft rubber and sturdy flexible rubber base that provides stability, and the tee ball tee can rest on top of home plate for t ball game play or on grass for backyard play. The ball rest is a flexible cone that encourages hitters to swing hard through contact.   Low quality or plastic practice tees simply don't hold up to a beginner's energy and enthusiasm (or missed hits), leaving families spending more over time as they throw away and replace broken cheap batting tees.  Tanner Jr. tball hitting tee solves that problem.
Tanner Tee Tanner Traditional/Home Plate Style Tee Ball Batting Tee $100.00
The Traditional Home Plate style batting tee is our recommended tee ball batting tee. The base is the size of a regulation home plate and its solid metal construction is ideal for beginners and youth and can withstand hard missed swings. The Traditional batting tee is easily adjustable and includes a patented hand rolled flexible rubber Flextop. Like all Tanner Tees, the Traditional model is baseball and softball ready!  Works as a beginner tee ball set through to youth baseball and softball.
Tanner Tee Tanner Pro Batting Tee $110.00
The Tanner Pro batting tee features a weighted base, skid resistant rubber cover, and travels easily in a bat bag. The Tanner Pro is a premium choice for baseball, softball, professionals, coaches and beginners who want the ultimate in heavy duty construction and a heavier base than the Original batting tee. It's the perfect middle ground between the Original and Tanner Heavy models.  Select your batting tee height - adult, youth or low ball The perfect middle ground between the Tanner Heavy and Tanner Original batting tees Weighted rubber-coated base with built in handle Durable reinforced steel stem Ideal for baseball and softball  Easy, one hand height adjustment  Perfect for beginners through professional level play Unscrew stem from base for easy portability in bat bag or storage Backed by Tanner Guarantee and 1 year warranty 
Tanner Tee Tanner Heavy Batting Tee $120.00
The Tanner Heavy is a tough, professional quality weighted batting tee, perfect for baseball, softball and slow pitch. This heavy-duty tripod batting tee is designed with a ten pound "claw" base designed for added stability on any surface and is heavy enough to stay upright through the occasional missed hit.  Select your batting tee height - adult, youth or low ball 10 lb Claw-shape base for added stability on any hitting surface  Durable reinforced steel stem Ideal for baseball and softball  Easy, one hand height adjustment  Perfect for beginners through professional level play Unscrew stem from base for easy portability or storage Backed by Tanner Guarantee and 1 year warranty 
Tanner Tee Tanner Tee the Original Adjustable Batting Tee $90.00
This is the Original Tanner batting tee that set the industry standard with its rugged craftsmanship and performance.  The hand-rolled Flextop allows hitters to feel the ball (not the tee) at contact, developing the muscle memory, refining your mechanics and adding power to every swing with your Tanner tee. Select your batting tee height - adult, youth or low ball Durable steel stem and composite base hold up to heavy use Ideal for baseball, softball and tee ball Easy, one hand height adjustment  The Original Tanner tee is stable for hitting and light enough to carry in a bat bag Backed by Tanner Guarantee and 1 year warranty 
Rawlings Rawlings Youth Tripod Travel Tee $24.99
Rawlings Youth Travel Tripod Tee has quick set-up with adjustable height from 18” to 26”. It travels easily in an equipment bag, perfect for young athletes in training.
Rawlings Rawlings Youth All-Purpose Batting Tee $24.99
Rawlings Youth All-Purpose Batting Tee lets beginning players practice hitting skills and improve their game. Tee adjusts between 20” to 31” in height.
Rawlings Rawlings Pro Style Batting Tee $69.99
Rawlings Pro-Style Batting Tee is a heavy-duty tee made for players to practice their hitting techniques. Adjustable height.
Rawlings Rawlings Pro-Model Tripod Travel Tee $69.99
Rawlings Pro-Model Tripod Travel Tee is designed for ultimate stability and portability. It includes a velcro strap to hold the folded legs for easy travel. Additional Product Features: ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Adjustable height from 28"-44" EASY CARRY - Included velcro strap to hold folded legs in place QUICK SETUP - The tripod legs pop-out to make for easy setup VERSATILE BALL REST - Ball rest made to hold baseballs, softballs, or training balls