Rawlings Baseball Infield Pancake Training Glove With Covey Bag (Multi-Packs)

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Improve Your Ground Ball Fundamentals This Season! Whether You Coach or Play, These Soft-Hands Baseball & Softball Paddles Can Help!

As a coach, you need the tools to help take your team to the next level. As a player, you need the tools to help improve your own game.

These foam fielding trainer gloves can help either your entire team at practice or an individual player working on their own!

The flat paddle helps to reinforce proper ground ball fundamentals by simulating covering the ball with two hands on a grounder. The design prevents you from being able to close your glove, which helps you become faster in your transition.

From Youth League to Pros, These Pancake Gloves Will Improve Your Game!

Beginning players will develop basic grounder fundamentals, while advanced players can use them for ground balls as well as for playing catch!

Whether you are working on grounders, relays, or just developing faster "catch to throw" transitions this a training aid that everyone needs in their arsenal!



Whether you play baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch softball these soft-hands training mitts can help you improve this season. The paddles work great for all types of baseballs & softballs!


Whether you just need 2 paddles or more, we offer a variety of multi-pack options!


Each "two-hands" trainer includes basic instructions & drills to get you started. If you have never used a pancake glove before, the simple guide will help!


Included with each purchase is one of our convenient Covey Sports accessories bags. Each bag can hold multiple trainers to easily store and transport them to & from the field. You can even wear the bag on your back if needed!

  • CONVENIENT PRACTICE EQUIPMENT BUNDLE: With each purchase you receive your foam fielding trainer gloves, along with our convenient Covey Sports bag for carrying your pancake gloves or other gear & equipment; Each foam "two-hands" trainer includes basic instructions & drills
  • FOR BASEBALL & SOFTBALL PLAYERS: Whether you play baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch softball these flat soft hands training mitts can help you improve in your fielding this season; The durable foam works great for practicing on your own, or for team practices led by coaches; Each comfortable trainer comes with 5 finger straps on back of paddle gloves
  • INFIELD & OUTFIELD COACHING AID : As a coach, you need the tools to make practices more effective; Similar to a mini baseball glove mitt, each trainer helps teach your players how to effectively field ground balls & develop quicker transitions from fielding to throwing; The flat paddle simulates covering the ball with two hands on a grounder without closing your glove
  • GREAT FOR YOUTH & ADULTS: Whether your team is a youth rec league, or a veteran team of adults, these training aids can help develop proper grounder fundamentals; More experienced players can even use these to play catch to develop quicker hands for "catch to throw" transition time
  • INCLUDES COVEY SPORTS BAG: Each purchase includes our Covey Sports drawstring bag; The convenient bag can be used to store & transport your pancake gloves or for other equipment and gear; The drawstring closure even allows you to carry the bag on your back when needed