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Thanks so much for stopping by!  We know that using our Covey Sports Pods can be somewhat challenging if you aren't sure the best way to use it! 

But the truth is, with some creativity you will find more uses than you have time to implement.  Our goal with this page is to help get you started with some ideas.  

Please be aware that this page is not static. 

As we find and develop new resources or ideas we will add them here over time. 

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To begin, here is an explanation from our manufacturer over at Softball Excellence:

How Balance Pods Work

For Hitters

  • Fastpitch Softball Power Pod to increase hitting powerThe Power Pod helps hitters drive their lower body forward creating more power
  • Place a Power Pod on the ground behind the hitter’s back foot
  • Power Pods also help hitters become more rhythmic and loaded in their stance
  • Power Pods work with hitters of all ages and all skill levels
  • Power Pods can be used either with batting tees or with front toss hitting

Fastpitch Softball Power Pod to increase Pitchers Drive and Power

For Pitchers

  • Helps pitchers get more drive and push from their legs
  • Balance Pods Help pitchers prevent crow-hopping
  • Place the pod on the ground under the pitcher’s push foot
  • Covey Pods can be used either flat side up or flat side down
  • Covey Pods CAN be used with cleats

Fastpitch Softball Power Pod to increase Throwers speed and strength

For Throwers

  • Help players use their legs when they throw overhand
  • Place Pod on ground under the player’s back foot
  • Balance Pods help players at all positions get more speed and strength on their throws

In this video below from YouTube (created by Coach Rita Gilman), examples are given for using the pod for overhand throwing as well as multiple ways to use your pods for fastpitch softball pitcher training. 

Here is a tutorial on using the Covey Pod to work on rise ball spin:

And here is another quick example of a pitching drill in action:

Below is another quick video from Centercourt Baseball on YouTube, explaining how to use the pod for hitting. As you can see from the video, the pod can be used to help work on maximizing your legs while swinging. 

Hopefully the combination of this information will help get you started.  We will add more information here in the future as well!